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5 Considerations All Women Need For Fitness And Their Vagina?

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Don’t Stop Being A badass When You Become A Mom


Stay Strong. And train your body to manage your pelvic health symptoms.



 Not into the traditional postpartum stroller bootcamp or restorative fitness programs?

Are you (peri)menopausal or post-menopausal and flustered with the lack of information about how to continue your high-impact training?

Have big fitness goals and need a training program that considers where your are during this stage of your life?

Frustrated you’re not getting answers when it comes to feeling something going on in your vagina while performing certain movements? 

Want help with managing leaking or feeling bulging in your lady parts during your workouts, but not sure how to ask your coach?

Would you like to feel open about regarding all matters of women’s health and trust your coach can educate and support no matter where you’re at during your pregnancy or in motherhood?

Get the expert advice you need to make informed decisions about your fitness and athletic training from Women’s Health Strength Coach, Terrell Baldock 

Published in leading fitness publications, Terrell’s specialty is working with women who are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunctions like incontinence, pelvic/hip pain, and pelvic organ prolapse (POP.)

She helps female athletes from CrossFit athletes to marathoners to figure competitors as well as women with massive fitness goals manage their symptoms and stay competitive 

And she’s a lot like you.


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Terrell carefully watched me perform movements. She taught me how to breathe while performing the movements, to better brace my core and tie in my pelvic floor function. She also gave me exercises to help with the pelvic floor issues I was having. She showed an interest and cared about my progress. She made modifications right away when needed. She helped me greatly and taught me so much about my pelvic floor during exercise that I had no knowledge about. I wish I had worked with her sooner after giving birth! Amanda

Crossfit Athlete

Terrell is VERY knowledgeable about pre- and post-natal physiology. She understands what women go through during pregnancy, labour and recovery. She understands how a woman’s body can best be prepared for (and rehabilitated after) childbirth and provides excellent advice. She listens to how you’re feeling and tweaks your fitness program accordingly. She is so supportive and caring. Thank you, Terrell!!! Stephanie