Find Your Pee Free Zone

I find it heartbreaking to hear the stories of women who’ve given up their training because of their symptoms.

In my personal and professional opinion, I believe no woman should have to give up on her training when it comes to her symptoms. I did because of fear. I know better now.

When you give up on the training you love, whether it’s CrossFit, running, olympic lifting, or your favourite class at the gym, you’re not just giving up on your chosen method of training. You’re giving up on yourself.

And that’s not a fun place to be in.

Strength and Lady Parts

So how do I get the women I work with back to their high-level training without a single symptom?

I help them to find their pee free zone and progressively build from there. Yes, it’s that simple.

Let’s say you feel bulging in your vagina and leak when you’re doing your back squats. I’ll look at your alignment and breathing first, then you try again.

If changing your breathing and alignment is all it takes, that my friend, is your pee free zone.

Here are a few ways to try:

  • Reduce load. It may be the load you have is too much and you’re pelvic floor isn’t able to take it on.
  • Modify (this may take several variation to find the right movement for you)
  • Check your core engagement (imagine pulling your pelvic bones together)
  • Add in a kegel as you exhale and exert. The extra support may be enough to decrease or eliminate symptoms.
  • And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say this. Get professionally assessed by a pelvic floor physiotherapist and/or consult with a coach who knows a little something about the pelvic floor.
  • Most importantly. Stay positive.

This also applies to your Costco haul as well. And we all know how heavy those trips get.

Which brings me to me next point. Never lifting heavy isn’t an option for most of us. So giving up lifting isn’t realistic. But you can train your body to handle more. You just have to train your body to handle more using strategies proven to support the task at hand.

This week in Strength And Lady Parts, we started barbell training this week. Many of the women haven’t trained with a barbell in a number of years because of the fear of making their symptoms worse. So we are all really excited this week because it’s the beginning of a new chapter. A chance for rediscovery if you will.

Rediscover what you’re truly capable of by starting Strength And Lady Parts today. Click here to grab your spot.


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