You’re not getting the full story when it comes to navigating prolapse on and off the gym floor. I know it seems overwhelming with all of the rules that you somehow follow now that you have prolapse.

Your poor pelvic floor, getting all of that blame when it comes to feeling prolapse and it isn’t always the case.  

You see, the pelvic floor is a part of your deep core system made of the your diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverse abs as well as the multifidus (small muscles in your spine), and if this very powerful system is out of sync, then your prolapse may make itself known by showing up when you’d rather it didn’t.

So the first step is to start with your breath. This is probably the least of the sexy things you can do in your prolapse management but this is the catalyst of your pelvic floor function.

When you inhale through your nose, your diaphragm and your pelvic floor move downward and expands. And when you exhale, your diaphragm and pelvic floor move and contract upward.

Will any old breath work?  That depends on whether or not breathing is why you’re experiencing symptoms in the first place.

If you’re a mouth breather, your diaphragm can’t move as well, so start practicing breathing more through your nose and out through your mouth. Make sure your breaths are deep enough that you breathe into your ribcage, back and armpits.

And if you’re finding yourself even more so symptomy on the gym floor when the intensity increase, take a quick rest and regain control of your breathing.

If you pelvic floor is hypertonic or overly tight, then you may need to ad in some hip opening sequences to help produce movement and mobilicity back to your pelvic floor. So no. You don’t have to lay on a table and breathe for 45 minutes.

If your pelvic floor is hypotonic, then you may need to add in kegels with your breathing to introduce strength and coordination to your pelvic floor.

This doesn’t mean that working out is off of the table. You can work towards your training goals while you address your prolapse.

In Prolapse SOS, my free workshop for women with prolapse is created to help you uncover how to navigate your symptoms in 2 simple steps.

Navigating prolapse tends to get over complicated and this is where the anxiety comes in. So we need to collect ourselves by taking a big deep breath in through out nose and out through our mouth to keep out pelvic floor from facing the same panic by keeping it moving.

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