How To Build Muscle With Prolapse

Building muscle with prolapse can feel impossible when you’re not able to exercise in way this requires.


The good news is that you can work up to the heavy sweaty stuff and build  muscle using what we in the fitness industry like to call Progressive Overload.


To learn how to go from Prolapse To Powerful without worrying something is going to fall out, read how here. You will be walked through how to get started with prolapse and strength training.

Building muscle is essential to build and mantain as we age.I know that in my 40’s, I’m prioritizing heavy lifting and increasing protien to make sure I can be as strong as possible for as long as possible.

Here’s how you can build muscle and sterngth with prolapse too.


 Lifting heavy is healthy and essential to healthy aging. If you are struggling with prolapse and lifting heavy, POPMAX, my 1:1 online coaching program can help. Learn how female athletes, new moms, and women who are looking to find their athletic sides here.

You have hope in moving forward my friend,



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