How A Mom Of 3 Went From Feeling Broken To Crushing Pull-Ups

The interesting thing about the world of IG is the connections, like real solid connections you can make with people.


And on IG, I met Kylie, a new mom struggling to come to terms with multiple prolapses.


As we got chatting back and forth, we struck a friendship, bonding over the happenings within our vaginas. Yes, as 2 women bonding over pelvic organ prolapse.


Kylie wanted to workout in all the ways. Lifting and HIIT. But Kylie felt as through her 3 prolapses including a grade 3 cystocele, was a limiting factor. Then she bought Strength And Lady Parts, my 12-week online strength and conditioning program designed with women who want to live a full like despite prolapse.


Seeing Kylie kick her prolapses ass on Instagram proves with a little know-how, anything is possible. Her hard work and trusting her body will take her exactly where she wants to be physically is nothing short of amazing.


The trick is to find your symptom free zone and use your symptoms as feedback to do something different.






Here’s Kylie’s experience in her own words.


“I am halfway through the Strength and Lady Parts program designed by Terrell Baldock and I am loving it.

It is a 12-week program that teaches women with prolapse who to train safely and effectively.


Before I found Terrell online, I felt hopeless.


With a diagnosis of a grade 3 cystocele (bladder) prolapse and a grade 2 rectal (bottom) prolapse and a grade 2 uterine prolapse, I felt like my heavy lifting days were over.


This diagnosis floored me as a Personal Trainer. Training is my love and my career.
Terrell blends rehabilitative tips and cues with challenging, high-intensity training in her program.


She teaches you the techniques to use to engage the core and support the pelvic floor during technical lifts.
She gives you progressions (scaled versions) of the exercises she has prescribed which really gives you the confidence to get in and give something, anything!


Learning from a coach who not only has years of experience coaching women but who has been through the same experience as you, really provides a lot of trust and confidence when following her program.


I can’t recommend Strength and Lady Parts enough.”


Minds everywhere are changing about how pelvic organ prolapse is looked at. It’s no longer being looked at as a contraindication of exercise but a reason to continue to exercise.


Prolapse isn’t the end my friend. It’s a brand new beginning.


Worried about moving forward with fitness your prolapse and ready for change? Book for your free 15-Minute Fitness Audit here.
Ciao friend,




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