How To Lift Heavier With Prolapse?

If you’re wanting to increase the intensity of your lifts so that you can go heavier, this is where we’d start.


By building a solid base of strength alongside your pelvic floor muscle training, you can not only train your pelvic floor to handle the impact… but your entire body to take the load off of your pelvic floor.


I also like to look at symptoms and when they take place. If you are experiencing minimal or no issues during your workouts, you may be ready to progress.


Here’s the trick with this…


If you’re experiencing symptoms later into or after your workout, that generally suggests fatigue. There may be something else to look into of course, but this is temporary and will subside as you recover.


Buuuut if you’re experiencing feeling prolapsey early into your workout or with any given exercise, you may want to investigate what’s happening. To take a deep dive into this, I invite you to a complementary Fitness & Pelvic Health Strategy Session and learn the right way to train for your unique needs.

Lastly, you’re the boss of your body. If you want to lift or run, or jump on trampolines…you can. Limiting exercise isn’t holistic health care. And I don’t have to tell you how many proven benefits that regular exercise brings us. 


If you’re concerned about making your prolapse worse, you can train by building a strong foundation, understanding symptoms, and trusting that you’re doing a good job taking care of your body. 


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