Today I have one of my favorite assignments for you … it’s to set a goal bucket list!


Not a forever bucket list, but one for the rest of this year.


Doing this will help you SKYROCKET your motivation… 


Because your brain is hardwired to like new, fun, and different things.


When you try something new – or take up a new challenge – it fires up the “feel good” part of your brain.


This is a pretty nifty hack to keep your motivation levels high.


Here it is: factor “novelty” into your goal equation! 


When you do this, it can keep you moving forward and excited about continuing with your goals and healthy habits


Like being able to walk/run a 5K, which I guide you through in my latest free resource, the 8-Week Beginner 5K Training Plan/the 8-Week Get Moving Walking Plan, which you can get here 

This is just one thing we work on with our clients – helping them create meaningful goals … and having fun making them a reality!

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Committed to your success,