How To Use Kegels To Lift Heavy

There have been a lot of questions coming in about the whole core training thing thanks to this Fupa movement on social media.

WTF is a fupa anyway?! I’m so sick of influencers using shameful marketing tactics with promises of a perfectly fit body.

Fun fact…your abdominal muscles aren’t meant to be flat. They need to me able to relax and contract as you breath and you need room for your internal organs. If you’re “sucking it in”,  the air in your belly known as intra-abdominal pressure, can push down onto your pelvic floor , possibly causing you to feel prolapsey.

Seems like every few years, some sort of marketing garbage (as said with a French accent) makes it’s way to the surface.


So if you’re wondering how to train your core so that your pelvic floor can adapt to high impact training, watch this.

In POPMAX, my 1:1 coaching and Strength & Lady Parts, my self-paced membership, we work together to find the right approach based on your symptoms and goals. This is extremely important because we need to determine if kegels are the right approach at this point in time. Learn more about why kegels may not be right for you here.

Kegels can be a great tool to help you get back into the heavy sweaty stuff, but you don’t want to live in kegel land forever. Make sure you back off the kegels to see if you’re still experiencing symptoms. If not, your pelvic floor is able to meet the demand naturally. If not, then you may need to work in things for a little longer.

Need help with figure this out? Download Fitness For Lady Parts to uncover how you an navigate your symptoms on and off the gym floor with ease.


Ciao for now,