The pelvic floor is always to blame when it comes to feeling prolapsey, but there is so much more to consider than just your pelvic floor. For many women, they experience symptoms during periods of str

I don’t really care too much for restriction. Been there, done that, that’s not what I’m about in my coaching. We all know how well restriction works don’t we. Diet culture breeds restriction and yet people in 2022 are still struggling with giving up their favorite foods.

I understand we’re talking about prolapse here, but like diet culture, It’s based on restricting things without any real assessment or conversation,

Pelvic health has a lot of similarities to diet culture in terms of how we treat it as a society.

Many women reach out saying they’ve been told to avoid activities without much in the ways of an explanation,

Aside from the obvious differences, how we approach navigating prolapse has a lot of parallels to how we try to lose weight. And the good news is like fatloss, with time, you can make improvements every single day to less prolapse over all.

And it starts with understanding your individual needs and knowing how your pelvic floor functions.

Discover how to use the Training For Lady Parts Method by watching the video below.

Training For Lady Parts is my 5-step framework for navigating prolapse during your workouts and in every day life.

There are so many reasons we experience symptoms and there are even more ways to navigate them, So next time you’re not sure about how to manage your prolapse, think ABC-KV and consider what else may be happening around you that you can tweak.

Your pelvic health is so much more than just your pelvic health. And if you want to know why your pelvic floor such and important when it comes to your workouts, then WTF IS Your Pelvic Floor And Why It Matters During Your Workouts

Your pelvic floor is like any other muscle and can be trained. It also gets tired and holds tension. So before going into panic mode when Penny Prolapse pops by for a visit.

If you’re dying to high impact training and fitness with prolapse, Stronger To The Core will help you to learn to coordinate your pelvic floor with my favourite 5 core training exercise. When you take the first step in learning how to coordinate your pelvic floor with exercise. From there, you can gradually progress.

You’ve got this!

Make it an amazing day,,


POPMAX is for women with prolapse who want to lift heavy, get sweaty, feel brave in their bodies again, will take you from glute bridge to back squats in no time. If you’re ready to overcome your fears and take control for once and for all, tap here to see if working with me is a good fit.