Prolapse And Getting Older…What’s A Girl To Do?


As women, we need to be strong as we age. We have to deal with things like menopause that we have to contend with and we need to care for our bodies before we hit this stage, Yet, if you have a prolapse, you’re told to avoid anything that brings on symptoms.


This makes absolutely no sense. Now that I’m in the Peri-Menopause, I’m researching how to maintain my health long term. And would you know that the recommendations for middle age women is lifting heavy and doing Plyo’s to help with protein synthesis. 


As we age, our estrogens and progesterones will flatline. But it’s important for us to stay active so that we can reduce the risks of muscle loss, bone degeneration and heart disease…just to name a few.


As you know, things really change for us after the age of 30, making it harder for us to build lean mass…not that it isn’t impossible..


This is why it’s so dang important that we continue to strength train and stay active WITH prolapse. And with all of the options you have including pelvic floor muscle training, pessaries, making modifications, and more, you don’t have to feat the worst.


As women with prolapse, we need to lift heavy and get sweaty for longevity. Yet, we avoid these things because we fear that our organs will fall out of out bodies.

So what’s a girl to do if she wants to age gracefully with prolapse?

  1. Learn how your pelvic floor works for you. This is a bit different for everyone, so if you need help with this, let me know by replying to this email and sharing what your struggles are.


  1. Build a strong foundation with strength training. Contrary to popular belief, kegels alone won’t do the trick if you want to get back to weightlifting, you have to actually weight lift.


  1. Train progressions. Break down the exercises into see steps to train coordination between the lift and with your pelvic floor.


  1. Patience. This process isn’t going to be linear and it may bring up a lot of uncomfortable emotions. Give yourself some grace on this. 


  1. Get a coach (AHEAM… ME!) or download my complimentary 5-day training plan, Stronger To The Core. You’ll discover my top 5 exercises that will show you how to coordinate your pelvic floor with exercise. 


If you’re wanting to take your training to a whole new level and navigate symptoms so that you can feel brave in your body again, be sure to check out my online coaching program, POPMAX to learn more


What’s good to know about prolapse and weightlifting is that it CAN be done!

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Dr. Satcey Sims: Training The Menopause Athlete