Prolapse & Grocery Carts


Do you find yourself dealing woth prolpase symptoms when you’re trying to live your life? Like when you’re washing dishes, or trimming your garden?

I mean, the garden in your yard, not the one below. But it you’re feeling symptoms while you’re doing that too, this post may help you out as well.

Yesterday, I was working with a client of mine. She had been dealing with a pelvic organ prolapse for a while now. But for the most part, she has no symptoms. She had even “graduated” from her treatment from her pelvic floor physiotherapist.

Her workouts are going well and last week after 3 months of training, we introduced the barbell back squat. And still, no symptom to be felt.

There is nothing more empowering than picking up a heavy barbell on your back and being able to squat. It’s also one of my favourite methods to train the booty. Essential when you’re dealing with any pelvic health symptom.

Disclaimer: Barbell back squats are not for everyone. My client had been training a ton of squatasict variations and we made sure her core and pelvic floor were ready for the impact. And you will be doing just that in Strength and Lady Parts, btw.


She had mentioned she feels some sagging with pushing a grocery cart. Interesting, huh?

It makes complete sense why she may have symptoms only when she’s grocery shopping. The cart can get pretty heavy and required a lot of work from your core and pelvic floor, as well as ever other muscle in your body. And patience. Grocery shopping stress me out, with all of those people stopping right in front of you to have a friendly convo with their second cousin-twice removed.

First, check your alignment. When you push your stroller or a grocery cart, is your spine in neutral?  You may find yourself  with your pelvis rolled under and your shoulders rounding because you’re leaning to reach for the handles.

Another possibility, you may be holding your breath or not breathing deep enough for the task at hand. I get it, grocery shopping or puching a stroller is a lot of work. And they don’t really make these handy contraptions for all body types, either. If you’re taller, you might find you need to compinsate more to reach the handles. What kind of worls are we living in, am I right?

When your out of alignment and/or holding your breath or shallow breathing, your ribs are no longer stacked over your hips, making the diaphragm and pelvis work a little bit harder. This also traps air in your belly forcing it downward (this is called intra abdominal pressure IAP). Now, we need IAP to some degree BUT if you are out of alignment when you’re leaning over a grocery cart, you may feel like something is falling out of your vagina.

I caught myself doing this in the grocery store myself. My daughter was in the cart and it was full to the rim. There was quite a bit of work happening while pushing what felt like a 400 pound cart.

prolapse and grocery carts

So tell me, when do you feel symptoms?

  • Do you feel them when you’re squatting to give your kids a bath?
  • When you’re chopping veggies?
  • That time of the month?
  • When you’ve been feeling stressed and haven’t slept well?
  • When you’re dancing to “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer? Just watching MC Hammer dance gives me symptoms!

Every woman and everybody is different, so symptoms can be confusing to figure out. But that is why I’m here. To guide you on your journey into pelvic health symptom free-dom!

And this is why I’ve been hard at work creating Strength And Lady Parts. Not only is it a strength training program, but a safe place for women to open up and share their experiences.

Pelvic health and talking about our bodies in general can be uncomfortable. This is why it’s so important to have a supportive outlet. We not need to be ashamed of our bodies. like Jerry Seinfeld says “a woman’s body is beautiful. A man’s is utilitarian” Or something like that.

If men aren’t afraid of their bodies, then why should we be?

Are you tired of wondering if your prolapse is “safe” while you’re working out? In Strength And Lady Parts, my 12-week online fitness program for women who have a pelvic organ prolapse, you will learn how to get back into high-impact strength and conditioning while taking your pelvic health into consideration. If you are ready to take back control, tap here now.

Ciao for now,



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