The Best Morning Routine

Prolapse can be an energy suck. As you know, prolapse can take an emotional toll when you’re learning how to navigate it on and off the gym floor.

morning coffee

Believe it or not, starting your day on a positive note can be really helpful to your morning mindset.


I get it. It’s hard not to think about your prolapse 24/7. But if you shift your energy starting with your morning routine, you can move through your day with ease.


Here’s how.


A shift in your routine and mindset can make all of the difference when navigating feeling prolapsey. If you’re wanting more in how to navigate your prolapse symptoms, then I invite you to grab your free limited copy of  my Training For Lady Parts mini-course, now.

And in my 1:1 online coaching program POPMAX, we work together as a team to help you lift heavy, get sweaty and feel brave in your body with prolapse. If you’re done searching the internet, look now further than here.

Out of curiousity…how are you going to shift your morning routine going forward? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Talk soon,



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