2 Pro Tip To Manage Your Prolapse You’re Probably Not Doing

Are your prolapse symptoms driving you crazy because there seems to be no explanation as to why they’re happening?

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic and have been housebound for seven-week now. And the usual ways we once used to take care of ourselves are off the table.

There are no more trips to our massage therapist or trips to the salon. Even trips to the grocery store are limited (although, I’m kinds really liking the new set up!)

With parents working from home and caring for kids at the same time, being pulled into five million directions in the same exact moment is draining. It’s no wonder people are struggling emotionally. This shit is hard.

So if you’re feeling your prolapse popping by more often, this doesn’t mean it’s getting worse. Your pelvic floor muscle functions differently when you’re not as well-rested as usual.

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Sleep and stress management are the two most underutilized tools you can use in managing what’s going on within your lady parts. So if you feel as though everything else like your training and pelvic floor muscle work is on point, but you can’t shake your symptoms, maybe your body is telling you to get some rest.


And just so you know, I have five openings for my 1:1 Online Coaching program for strong women with prolapse to want to get back into the heavy sweaty stuff and feel brave in their bodies again. If you are ready to run to the with your kids, and workout without worrying about what’s going to down below, tap here to see if working with me 1:1 is a good fit.

You are not alone.

 Ciao my friend,





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