How To Talk To Your Doctor About Fitness And Managing Prolapse

High impact fitness doesn’t have to be off of the table when you’re living with prolapse symptoms. 

The good news is that you can train your pelvic floor (and body) to handle the impact of modalities like CrossFit, weightlifting and everything else that requires you to lift heavy and get sweaty.


But navigating pelvic health is still fairly new and if you’re talking with your doctor, you’ll need to be prepared to be honest about where you stand.

It’s not always comfortable talking about what’s happening inside our vagina, but your doctor is your primary care provider and can help you make decisions about how to treat symptoms.

Terrell Baldock The Prolapse Coach
But with treating pelvic health being a little on the new side, not all doctors are up on pelvic health, so it’s up to us to arm ourselves to have productive conversations.

So how do you talk to your doctor about navigating your pelvic health and returning to impact?

  • Know you options including pelvic floor physiotherapy, pessaries, compression garments, and if surgery is on the table…know what surgical options are available.
  • Share your goals. What kind of quality of life do you wish to lead?
  • Track symptoms to uncover patterns that you can share with your doctor
  • Advocate for yourself. This may take a few appointments, so don’t give up.

The more you can communicate your needs and goals, the easier it is for your doctor to assist in your journey.

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You have hope in moving forward my friend,



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